Friday, 21 October 2011

We're Getting Somewhere

This is probably the most significant development in the lives of Australians with disabilities and their carers since I started working in the field in 1971, so you'll have to excuse me if I have a little celebratory post.

From the NDIS website -


Dear Cedric,

Yesterday we had some fantastic news. State and Territory governments agreed to deliver the foundational work for the National Disability Insurance Scheme by mid 2013 - a year earlier than the Productivity Commission recommended.

It is all your hard work and support that has made this happen. Your voices have been heard and all your campaigning has made a difference. Take a moment to reflect on how far we have all come together.

Our politicians are listening. But we still need to get out in the community and make sure everyone understands why we need an NDIS.

Will you spread the word from November 27 - December 3?

The Federal Government said at yesterday's inaugural COAG Select Council meeting that it "wants to see improvements to disability care and support as quickly as possible".

The State and Territory Disability Ministers and Treasurers all agreed on a timetable for delivering the foundation reforms necessary for the introduction of an NDIS. These reforms include common assessment tools to determine eligibility and strategies to boost the disability workforce.

The Select Council also considered the draft principles to be agreed on by COAG. These principles will guide the work of the Select Council in pursuing reform of disability services.

And earlier this week the advisory body established by the government to provide advice to the Select Council also met for the first time.

So it is clear that all your hard work is making a difference. But we cannot give up - we need to keep the pressure on.

There are three easy things you can do to help during Spread the Word Week - which one will you choose?

Tell your friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family members. The campaign is continuing and we are showing everyone that Every Australian does indeed Count.

John Della Bosca
and the Every Australian Counts team

P.S. Can you watch our latest campaign update video and share it with your friends? Building support for the NDIS is the most important thing you can do right now.


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