Monday, 19 August 2019

Leyburn 2019

Mustang - all sound and fury - not much motion
I headed to Leyburn again this year, gentle reader, with the intention of participating in the annual Show and Shine.
1963 Hillman Imp

It wasn't on - wrong day. I was there on the Saturday, and apparently, the Show and Shine is a Sunday only affair.
Something a little more contemporary 2019 MX5 RF

1925 Austin 7 Sports Special

That's not how I remember it from previous years.
1931 Ford Special

It's unbelievably dry in that neck of the woods (as it s just about everywhere else, so we wandered around the dusty township, watched the racing for a while, and inspected a wide variety of cars.
1933 Aston Martin Long Series Le Mans

This post is a little photographic essay (all with iPhone - my trusty Canon has the collywobbles).
1933 MG K3

One very yellow 1951 Moggy with a V8
Not a paint job - a work of art (1978 Mitsubishi Lancer)
2002 Radical Prosport

Bad shot of an MG Special (1939 TB)

Leyburn is unique in that spectators can mix with cars and crews.
It has an atmosphere all of its own.

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