Saturday, 14 November 2015

Des supporters chantent la Marseillaise

The attacks in Paris are front and centre right now in both social and mainstream media.

These are tragic and terrible events, but unfortunately, because of the various agendas, they are rapidly becoming ideological currency. Surely, the most adult response is one of sympathy and support for the people of Paris, and there has been plenty of that.

But there is also a gearing up of those who seek to exploit. Some of this is political, some of it financial, and some quite calculated.

A very good example of the latter, is Andrew Bolt's securing of Tony Abbott on his show tomorrow. It reminded me of Bolt's reaction when Anders Breivik went on his rampage in Norway. Bolt's initial conjecture that the massacre was inspired by Islam was likewise cynically exploitative until he discovered the truth.

The quick removal of those references from his blog website broke all records. He has obviously learned nothing.

 It is clear that a response that generates fear and loathing is exactly the goal of those committing these atrocities. Basically, when some dimwits advocate military intervention (often nuclear) they are playing into the hands of the terrorists. They make them powerful.

 The term "useful idiots" is often used by these same dimwits. They should, very occasionally, use a mirror.

Or perhaps, they should read a little history. Military intervention empowers an asymmetric threat. See Vietnam, Cambodia and Iraq.

Perhaps the best response was shown by the French crowd in the still from the video above. As they left the stadium after the attack, they sang the Marseillaise.

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