Friday, 6 June 2008

Motoring Costs Comparison

I thought it might be interesting to do a comparison which reflected the real costs of motoring using LPG, diesel and unleaded used in a hybrid. This is based on actual fuel prices and real world fuel consumption based on my driving experience.
One of my three vehicles is LPG powered (3.8 lit Falcon with Sequential Vapour Injection - not the primitive Ford E-gas setup), the hybrid is a Prius I drive as part of my work fleet, and the diesel figures are from my brother's new Peugeot 307.
It's based on a mix of town and country driving.


Price per litre - 0.67.9

Consumption - 12.5lit per 100km

Cost per 100km - $8.48

Diesel -

Price per litre - 1.70

Consumption - 8.0 lit/100km

Cost per 100km - $13.60


Consumption - 5.0 lit/100km

Price per litre - 1.49

Cost per 100km - $7.45

It makes LPG look pretty competitive.

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