Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Reality Check

The following editorial on Drive.com makes some telling findings on the real costs of motoring, and cuts through the hype about diesels and hybrids. More to the point for me, is that it makes a strong case for LPG -

When it comes to fuels, LPG is the only option that really saves buyers money.

I've posted on this before -




Another interesting piece is published in August 2008 Wheels magazine -

Size isn't everything Even the land of the free and the home of the truck is feeling the petrol pinch. For the better part of two decades, Ford's F-Series 'trucks' have been the best-selling vehicles in America. In May, the once mighty F-Series fell to fifth spot, with Honda's Civic claiming pole. The last car to topple the F-Series was another Blue Oval, the Taurus sedan, in December'92.

To conclude - If you want to save money - convert your car to LPG. You might also be helping the environment. The other point of interest is that Yanks are buying less big dumb vehicles. They've been a bit slow in catching on, but the market rules, doesn't it?

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