Thursday, 20 October 2011

More Gaelic Music

The English name for this song is "women of Ireland".

The singer is the inimitable Kate Bush.

It's beautiful music, as much as anything else because of the lyrical tone of the Irish language.

It was composed by the late Sean O'Riada and played by The Chieftains in the film 'Barry Lyndon." The lyrics are a poem by Peadar O Doirnin (?1704-1769).

I have no idea what the words mean exactly, nor do I care. The way they sound and blend with the music is what matters.

When we visited South-West Ireland it was during the Gaeltacht (a Gaelic festival), and sitting in the pubs listening to the music of the language, without having the foggiest idea of what people were talking about was enormous fun.
In case someone out there is fluent, I'll post the words below. Let me know what they mean - it was all to much for Google translate.

Ta bean in Eirinn a phronnfadh sead damh is mo shaith le n-ol 
Is ta bean in Eireann is ba bhinne leithe mo rafla ceoil 
No seinm thead; ata bean in Eirinn is niorbh fhearr lei beo
Mise ag leimnigh no leagtha I gcre is mo tharr faoi fhod 
Ta bean in Eirinna bheadh age ad liom mur bhfaighfinn ach pog 
O bhean ar aonach, nach ait an sceala, is mo dhaimh fein leo; 
Ta bean ab fhearr liom no cath is cead dhiobh nach bhfagham go deo 
Is ta cailin speiriuil sg fear gan Bhearla, dubhghranna croin. 
Ta bean a dearfadh da siulann leithe go bhfaighinn an t-or, 
Is ta bean ‘na leine is is fearr a mein no na tainte bo 
Le bean a bhuairfeadh Baile an Mhaoir is clar Thir Eoghain, 
Is ni fhaicim leigheas ar mo ghalar fein ach scaird a dh’ol.

Update - 

I found this translation It makes more sense and sounds better in the original Gaelic.

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