Thursday, 28 February 2013

Still Scamming

Regular readers (and those who commented) may remember this post.

The saga continues.

I've had three separate attempts at scamming since. Here's my update on the original post -  

Update - They're still at it.

Since this was posted, I've received the following texts -
From - - Hello seller Do you still have the listed AD(car) on for sale? get back to me.
From - - Hello ,is your car advert still available for sale and what your firm selling price ? contact me
From - - I will like to know if your car is still available and to know the firm price, please get back to me
I replied to each saying I would only negotiate personally or by direct phone contact. There was no response of course.
Each of these is obviously a scam. Why would you text a seller when you have his phone number and could call? In addition, their use of English is clunky and characteristic of someone who is not fluent, meaning they're probably offshore.
I don't know who is thicker - these spivs who are dumb enough to think someone would fall for this, and those who actually do.
The sad story is, some must be taken in, otherwise the scammers wouldn't continue to try their ripoffs.
Scamdex is a useful website.

Monday, 25 February 2013

The Big Wet

Toowoomba's in the red bit.

The last time I saw a BOM radar scan like this one was in January 2010.

I hope we're not in for a repeat. It is moving very slowly, which means that the heavy concentrations of rain have time to fill local catchments. The ground is so sodden, after heavy rain about this time last month, so it won't take long.

My bride is spitting chips because she can't get the washing dry, and the laundry smells of wet dog.

I'm getting dirty looks from both dogs as if they think I'm responsible for the rain. I may be pack leader in their eyes, but I can't control everything.

Collecting my son from work and getting my daughter to orientation at USQ this evening could be interesting.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Room at the Inn

Below is an excerpt from today's parish newsletter.

It describes activity in our parish in support of refugees. It's been going on - fuss-free and largely unnoticed for more than a decade.

I'm posting it in the hope that what is reality in rural and regional Queensland will perhaps be considered in light of the fear and bigotry that too often passes for comment on this issue.

Remember - Toowoomba is a very conservative community.

For what it's worth, I've been a member of the Social Justice Committee for a long time. They're a great bunch of people.

A Pinch of Common Sense

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