Saturday, 3 May 2014

We've Come a Long Way...

Back in June 2007, Noddy Newman was Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

At that time, Nick DiGirolamo was chief executive of the notorious AWH, and Paul Nicolaou was a Liberal Party fundraiser.

The meeting did take place, and since it has come to light, the money has been refunded.

It is fascinating to consider what was the subject of the meeting, and what small favour could be bought for $5000.

Obviously, not much has changed.

Except perhaps, in Jo Bjelke-Petersen's day, brown paper bags were used.

Excuse my sarcasm........

Railroad Gin

Some of you may remember Railroad Gin. 

If you do, it puts you in a specific age bracket - we are a dying breed - the rocking boomers.

Railroad Gin was big in Brisbane in the seventies, and the band was fronted by Carol Lloyd.

I had a cousin who was a DJ on 4BH at the time, and I clearly remember him playing them.
They were a very underrated group, and their live shows were fantastic.

This song was very popular and demonstrated their considerable stage presence.

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Association banner - note the holes in case it's windy.

ANZAC Day in Brisbane seems to be more and more popular each year.

I marched there in the hope of meeting up with people I served with, but there was only one ex-digger from either of the companies, and none from either of my platoons parading.

Nevertheless, it was worth the journey.

Age is definitely wearying (or should it be “withering”) some of my ex-comrades, as a few were on board vehicles.

The streets were filled with people of all ages, races and origins, but they were united in their respect for ex-service personnel.

I sometimes wonder where that respect was hiding, when it would have been most powerful, as Vietnam vets returned home in the sixties and seventies.

The loudest cheers were reserved for the members of the Vietnam Veterans’ motorcycle club.

The anti-bikie legislation has provoked some interesting responses in the people of Brisbane.

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