Sunday, 15 April 2018


The Sponsor's pig

Yesterday, gentle reader, was our local agricultural show.

I wandered along, not because I have any strong interest in matters agricultural, but because of the photo opportunities it usually presents. I wasn't disappointed.

Sideshow alley.

Sideshow alley is these days an anachronism. Perhaps the sparse crowd was an indication. Having said that, those that were there were having a great time on all the usual rides, and the shooting galleries persist.

The signs were entertaining.
Creative use of language - French or English?
Guns actually go bang.
Maybe this is the future - nerf guns instead of 22s?

Attendant looking bored.

Getting your ducks in a row.

Everything is possible at your local Ag show, even your hand in wax.

Show bags are still a thing. I can remember when they were called sample bags, and were free.

Where would we be without China?

There were celebrities (Costa Georgiadis)

There was the occasional Alpaca.
And a camel or two.

Produce was displayed.

Send in the Clowns.

The Dagwood Dogs were there.

And a ferris wheel.

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