Tuesday, 18 October 2011


This is a beautiful song performed by the Clancy brothers and Tommy Makim in 1984.
The comedy monologue at the end is worth listening to.

My bride and I saw them at about that time in Brisbane, and we remember the show fondly, although they didn't perform this one at the concert we attended. To my way of thinking, Celtic music has a quality and depth not found in any other musical culture. Perhaps I'm biased.

You may recall the saying -

"The Irish as a nation
Are really all quite mad
Their wars are all so happy,
And their songs are all so sad"

Tis true, but it may have to do with the fact that for a long time they fought everybody else's wars.


cav said...

Have you checked out these guys?


1735099 said...

They're good - but a bit too slick and professional for my taste. I remember touring Ireland in the eighties and enjoying the traditional bands in the village pubs. They sounded better as the night wore on, but that may have been a consequence of the Guinness they (and we) were imbibing.

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