Friday, 24 April 2020

More Reflections on the Bug

This is doing the rounds of my parish men's group -

Let’s think about this. 

China is a world superpower and has been in past history. In World War 2 it was on its knees under the Japanese heel, having been weakened by the British for more than a century of economic exploitation and opium. Back then everybody used it.  

Now people can’t cope with the thought of an independent China. The facts of COVID have been warped by Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump – old mates from the 2016 election as we know. Disinformation and lies are their stock in trade – one only has to listen to a Trump speech to know he is not telling the truth because in one sentence he says one thing and then in the next – the opposite. Both can’t be true. 

Turning to China and COVID-19 it is clear that local party operatives were too scared to let Beijing know of possible trouble in the hope that it would go away. When the government found out what was entailed it rang the alarm bells. It was not a case of Chinese government conspiracy but of autocratic power leading to the hiding of bad news for fear of rebuke. 

When the disaster was obvious, they then set a regimen of management in place which was quite severe but effective. Also sent medical helpers and equipment to the next worst epicentre – Italy.  The Australian Deputy Health Director, I have just heard say on TV, that without Chinese scientific and medical advice regarding the virus, Australia would be in the US situation. (again – see Trump tweet below).

This is purely because health officials listened and considered what to do and they were listened to by Scott Morrison and his crew – much to their credit. Contrast this with the US where Trump continued to bluster and deny and Americans went out and emptied the gun shops rather than buying masks and staying at home. Now we have a phenomenon called “orphan armaments” where the US is full of ownerless firepower which sits lonely and unloved. Their recently new, now past owners found that they were no use against a virus and died disappointed in the myth that guns protect. The moral of this story is always listen to advice, consider it, and then if you don’t or won’t believe it that is your choice – in this case a matter of life and death.

Whether it is the Chinese, the Americans or an old drunk that pulls you up as you are going to cross the road – the message is the same – a Mac truck with 3 dogs on is coming down the road at you at 100kph – you want to know and step back off the road before you consider whether they are right or wrong. Everybody stay safe and well.

 PS: Coronavirus has been isolated from a Chinese anteater (Pangolin) with 99% correspondence in DNA with COVID-19. It occurred in bats 96% correspondence to COVID-19 and was transferred to the pangolins which were the way they entered the human population. Therefore Coronavirus occurred naturally and was not manufactured in a laboratory.

 Hope this is of some help and may we all build bridges with each other.

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