Saturday, 23 January 2010

Ma and Pa Kettle?

For a number of years now I’ve been working what could be considered a second career after retiring from full-time work in 2005.

I find that for the moment at least I need the challenge and stimulation of paid work, and despite the other things I enjoy, because I’m not obliged to anyone else but myself to see them through to a conclusion, I often get bored with them. This is true for blogging, as much as anything else.

As well, these other pursuits tend to be solitary. I need to work with people in a team – I always have, and it’s hard to shed old habits.

The only downside to the part-time work is that it takes me away from home for days at a time, which leaves my bride at home by herself, because all the kids have flown the nest.

Whilst she doesn’t mind this, we’ve always looked for opportunities to work together.

One has come up, and we’ve grabbed it with both hands.

We’re a bit fortunate. As products of the seventies, when the Education Department took already qualified teachers offline for a year and trained them in post-graduate qualifications in specialised areas, we both have these qualifications and between us seventy years of experience.

My area is physical impairment, my wife’s visual impairment.

Given the enormous difficulty in filling these positions in the bush, we’ve both now been signed up as itinerant specialists supporting schools west of here.

At this stage, my bride works only two days a fortnight, but I’m hopeful that she will warm to it and be prepared to take on more. I’m happy with five days per fortnight.

If we organise it properly we will be able to travel together, thus saving the agency quite a few dollars in vehicles and accommodation, even if at this stage it will be only one job in three.

On the occasions when we work together, the question “How was your day?” will become redundant.

Having said that, whilst we’ve been married thirty-three years, we’ve never actually worked together.

Could be interesting……

I’ll keep you posted.

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