Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Leyburn Revisited

This one made the most noise.

 Every year I travel to Leyburn for the sprint meeting.

The Railton Rolls

I wouldn't miss it for quids, because it provides a unique mix of machinery, atmosphere and enthusiasm that suits an ancient petrol head like me.
This was the prettiest.

Where else can you wander through lines of cars queued up waiting to be flagged off one at a time, and chat with the drivers as you do so?
There's some strange machinery going round - Sunbeam Rapier

Where else do you see machinery as diverse as Le Mans homologated sports cars, warmed up sedans which are driven to the meet, and a single-seater Rolls Royce Merlin powered concoction that must weigh four tonnes knocked together from bits and pieces in a cow-cocky's shed?

1964 Prince Skyline. In the day these things went like sh** off a shovel.

I also was keen to try my new camera. It has a sports setting that stops moving objects pretty well, so long as you pan to keep the subject in shot.
The sports setting works in that the background is blurred - the subject sharp (Datsun 180B).

Anyway, these shots are the result.
This one gets the rusty prize - Toyota Crown.

If you hold the shutter down on this setting, the camera keeps shooting individual frames separated by fractions of a second. Very clever.

Another noisy one - just crossing the line.

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