Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Review - Uniden iGo Digital Camera

Regular readers may recall this post.

The police were unable to prosecute this ratbag because they didn't have sufficient evidence. Hence when I read a review of one of these gadgets, I followed up.

The end result was a purchase, and I've been using the thing for a while now.

Once I'd figured out how to set it up, I've found it useful and reliable.

The video posted shows the quality.

The owner's manual is useless and reads like it was poorly translated from Urdu, but I persisted until I got it right. The biggest problem was setting the date and time imprint.

This feature is important, as it renders any video collected useful from an evidence gathering point of view.

The thing sits on the inside of the windscreen and if you mount it carefully in front of the rear vision mirror it is almost invisible and has no impact on forward vision.
It's upside down in this pic.

There are two lenses, one shoots forward, the other to the rear. In a ute, this rear vision feature works well. In a sedan, it would be compromised by the rear seat passengers, if there were any.

So you can shoot footage of tail-gaters if necessary.

It starts up and shuts down automatically if you have the power cable in the outlet, and it records in 5 minute grabs which remain stored until overwritten, in the same fashion as a black box recorder in an aircraft. It has plenty of storage. A recent trip of 150kms did not exceed storage capacity.

If something is recorded that you want to keep, you can press a button to lock it in.

They retail for $150, but I bought it for the on-line price ($25 less) at Harvey Norman's. Most big retailers will negotiate around the on-line price.

By the way, despite what the review says, there is no "delete" button.

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