Saturday, 12 March 2011

Perfume River

This is my other daughter's effort.

She is younger, so it's a bit more experimental.
We were cruising down the Perfume River (Hue) at dusk.
The soundtrack is provided by a Yanmar diesel.

I don't know why she turned the camera sideways at 0.53.

She doesn't either - seemed like a good idea at the time.

The Yanks bombed the bejesus out of Hue during the Tet offensive.The Battle for Hue lasted 25 days.
You're safe now, dear readers - this is the last one.


braddles said...

you seem to miss the bit about the nva and their efforts on the local population during tet

1735099 said...

The Yanks did indeed expend a lot of ordinance. You only have to look at the scars on the old imperial buildings to understand that.
Atrocities were committed by both sides.
There has been controversy raging for years about the "Huế Massacre" by Vietnamese Communists during the Tet Offensive of 1968.
Much of what was written in the western media has been discredited. See -
You weren't there - I wasn't there, so neither of us knows what really happened. It is a beautiful city with a bloody history.
It is, however, located in Vietnam, and the Vietnamese were fighting on their own turf. I don't harbour the arrogance to make judgements.
It's not my country.

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