Friday, 11 March 2011

Hanoi Traffic

I was going through some old files today, and dug this up.

It was taken by one of my daughters in the old quarter of Hanoi when we were there a few years ago. She just pointed the camera at whatever took her fancy. Consequently, quality is poor.

It's great example of the wierdly organic flow of the traffic in this part of the world.

Watch the negotiation of the busy intersection at about 1.32. 

I wonder how long my mate from my last post would last in this environment. Horns are used widely and to good purpose.


Boy on a bike said...

Like Bali, but with less traffic. Your daughter is a better cameraman than me.

cav said...

That would be cameraPERSON eh BOAB?

Boy on a bike said...

Bugger that PC rubbish, Cav. Chairman, cameraman etc etc.

Whatever - she's better than me.

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