Tuesday 21 May 2024

In Praise of Podiatry


Pic courtesy West Ryde podiatry

There is an amazing variety of medical specialities, and podiatry is just one of them, although until last week, I had never in my 77 years, seen a podiatrist.

That was until I broke a toe, as a result of foolishly forgetting that I was now in my seventh decade, and indulging in a social volleyball match. This had a bad outcome. The company was good (mostly service veterans), but the physical consequences were not.

I finished up with a very painful left foot, which combined with a neuroma (Google it) needed attention. It wasn't healing, and I was becoming tired of limping about, so my GP referred me to a surgeon, who decided to try podiatry.

I was referred to a very senior podiatrist, almost as old as I am, and he worked wonders. He prescribed an orthotic insert, which immediately improved my gait, and eliminated the other complications of a disordered gait. I'd seen plenty of this during my career teaching kids with physical impairments.

He also discovered my painfully ingrown toenails, which I've put up with since infantry service in 1969/70. Ten minutes of minor surgery has made an amazing difference. It's great to be able to walk without a pain (which I became so used for over fifty years) that its absence is a revelation.

Podiatry forever!

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