Wednesday 3 April 2024

Near Miss

I'm posting this dashcam grab, gentle reader, in the vague hope that it might be instructive.

At about 1:10 in you'll notice a very dark grey Toyota Yaris approaching on a downhill sweeping curve, and getting into a lurid oversteer situation. 

I was a bit lucky, as the slide hadn't developed sufficiently to get into my lane until she (was a female driver) had passed me. She did end up in my lane, behind me, facing the way she had come.

Fortunately, there was no other traffic at that instant, the road was wide, and there was nothing to hit.

I stopped, and walked towards the car to see if she was OK, but she took off. Embarrassed, perhaps? Anyway, the instructive bit refers to damp roads, downhill bends, and driving to the conditions.

My car was the Rondo I have just acquired.

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