Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Pollies' Promise

Because I'm a teacher (have been one now for forty-five years) - I felt heartened by the Coalition's promise before the election, that they would implement the Gonski recommendations.

There is so much in the Gonski concept which is of significant value to the target group of kids that I work with, namely students with disabilities in remote and rural settings.

Now, after yesterday's events, I regard the whole thing as being in jeopardy.

That's my problem, I guess, because I have skin in the game.

But the broken promise is probably a more fundamental issue. From here, it's glaringly obvious that nothing that the current government promises can be believed, and they have taken power on a scam.

Sure, the Gillard government broke a promise on the Carbon tax, but when the promise was made, there was no awareness that there was going to be a minority government.

No such excuse is available now.

Perhaps it's simply a feature of contemporary conservative governments.

Remember Newman's statement in Queensland - "Public servants have nothing to fear from an LNP government."

He then proceeded to sack 14000 of them.

Update - The coalition have performed a double back somersault with pike which in the final analysis, is not the same scheme as promised by Labor, and leaves them plenty of wriggle room.



cav said...

Possibly a bit unfair 1735099.

If Abbott agreed with Labor about ALL of Gonski, what then of the states that did not sign up?

They don't get any of the benefits?

Is that the way Abbott should honour his promise?

They said they would match the total funding by adding back in what Labor took out of the budget for these states. Is this breaking a promise too?

I think it is early days for people to be writing off Abbott as inept, a bumbler and a person who does not honour his promises.

cav said...

Sheesh, you must be getting old 1735099. I expected a rousing argument about this from you.

1735099 said...

Been out west, Cav.
The major problem here is not the intricacies of the funding model, but the sheer and blatant hypocrisy of neutralizing the issue before the election, and completely rejecting the guts of the Gonski recommendations after they formed government.
It's apparent that the Coalition will never be comfortable with a needs based funding model, because it ends the unprincipled handouts to wealthy private schools.

cav said...

Yes I agree they are backpedaling on an election commitment but Labor had not even got an agreement themselves and if they had won govt there wouldn't have been a Gonski either.

The Libs should not have agreed to match Labor.

BTW, you had better get on Facebook - that's where you catch up all ya mates (if you have any ;-))

Anonymous said...

Because I'm a teacher (have been one now for fifty-five years)...that's a long time for someone your age and with two years out of the game as well.

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