Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Oakey Fly-in


I headed out to the annual Oakey fly-in (held at the Army Aviation museum) last weekend. I'm routinely out there anyway. They sell my book.

The event occupied both Saturday and Sunday, and camping overnight isn't allowed, so when I was there on Saturday, the displays were limited to what was in the museum, and Army Aviation. Most of the fixed wing warbirds flew in on Sunday.

So there were plenty of rotors, and not many wings.


There was one MRH90. Apparently they're having dramas ironing out bugs in what should be a versatile aircraft. Perhaps there are too many roles being shovelled on one airframe - jack of all trades - master of none?

 They're assembled locally (Brisbane). Eat your heart out - Sydney and Melbourne. 

MRH90 interior. Sorry about the angle - just tilt your monitor.

There was a Tiger or two. These things are also assembled in Brisbane.

Occasionally Tigers overfly us in South Toowoomba. You hear them before you see them, and they have a characteristic auditory signature which makes them immediately distinguishable from the RACQ rescue chopper that routinely overflies on the way to the hospital, usually with a casualty who has fallen off a mountain.

The yellow thing gives the kids a look-in.

Photo is muddy. I'll have to ask my daughter to fix the camera settings.


Caribou - I probably flew in this thing 40 years ago.


Hueys don't look any prettier now than they did in 69/70.

Nomad - The "Danger"sign is warranted.

There was a GAF Nomad. One version of these was accident prone.

There's a plan afoot to resurrect manufacturing them as a single in Gippsland.

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