Friday, 8 July 2011


Blot is fond of graphs.

I doubt we'll see this one on his blog.

(Courtesy - Pure Poison).


cav said...

Oh I get it. It's Bolt's rating!

cav said...

Maybe Bolt's rating should be compared to Insiders...

I doubt you will see this on Crikey

1735099 said...

Problem is Cav, that Bolt's program screens twice. The figures quoted by the Australian Conservative are the sum of these two screenings. The Insiders screens once.
In addition, Bolt's figures since 5th June (latest data on the Conservative's story) have headed resolutely southwards since then, and combined at about 240000 on 3rd July are now behind the Insiders one screening.

cav said...

Are you sure it is screened twice? Here it is screened at 4.30 only. How about at your place? Is it screened twice?

Bolt's program is new and is yet to settle on its audience.

Insiders has been running for many years and has a settled audience.

It may well be that Bolt will have less viewers than Insiders, but it is early days and I am surprised that Crikey is eager to slip the boot in so soon.

1735099 said...

Heavily promoted new programmes usually rate well initially. It's what happens after the first few shows that matters, and the trend is down. Crikey is commenting on two months' worth of data. That's usually enough time to pick a trend.
It's screened once here (Toowoomba) I think (never watch it) but screened twice in Melbourne and Sydney.
To quote the Australian Conservative - "The Bolt Report airs at 10.00 am on Sunday morning and is repeated at 4.30 pm the same day."

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