Saturday, 11 June 2016

Car - Heal Thyself

We run a 2014 Ford Focus Trend, which in all respects, except one, is a great little car.

That one issue relates to the Powershift transmission that came with it. Despite the fact that it changes gears all by itself like all other auto transmissions, it actually has a clutch.

More accurately, it is a six speed automated manual which has an automated clutch, unlike most auto trannies of its genre. The other manufacturer that went this way was Volkswagen, with controversial results.

It has, ever since we bought it, demonstrated hesitation and shudder as if it can't really decide which gear it should be in.

Ford is well and truly aware of the problem, and there have been two recalls. The first one was major, involving replacing both clutch and driveshafts. The second one only a few weeks ago, was what Ford call a "reflash". I think they reprogramme the driveline computer with new software.

Prior to that, I followed the directions shown on this video, and I swear it improved out of sight.

My bride reckons I imagined the improvement after this process, and it only really improved after the latest recall.

I don't know what to put it down to, but it certainly changes gears now much more smoothly, and the shudder is no longer apparent.

It's eerie to own a car that adjusts to your driving style, as the Powershift is designed to. Maybe that's the problem - the poor little thing gets confused by the difference between my driving style and my bride's.

Whatever, it drives OK now....

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