Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Somewhere Tonight

This video montage was posted on Facebook by one of my 5 Platoon associates. Thanks Bernie.

It was originally used to promote the 1987 Welcome march - something I missed (to my eternal regret).

Although it's Bob Seger song, Normie Rowe makes a great job of it. He does, after all, have an in-depth understanding of the experience.

My platoon features from 3.36 until 3.40.

Most of the photos are the work of Denis Gibbons  and Andy Mattay, two great photographers.

Here are the lyrics -

Somewhere tonight
Someone's reachin' out to someone who's refusin'
Someone's tired of all the reasons someone's using
Someone doesn't understand

Somewhere tonight
Someone's thinkin' back to someone who got closer
Someone's realizin' something's really over
Someone's thinkin' it's too late
Someone's thinkin' it's too late

There's a cold wind blowin' from the north
And the summer birds are leavin'
As the sun slips ever further south
The lakes will soon be freezin'
And the ice will claim the empty shores
Where the one's in love went walkin'
And the hard blue skies will shiver
As the winter clouds come stalkin'

And unless you find someone to hold
Unless someone starts carin'
Unless you find the warmth you need
Unless someone starts sharin'
When the long, dark nights come closin' in
And the winter winds come howlin'
You don't know if you'll make it
Without someone you can count on

Somewhere tonight
Someone's packin' up and someone's really leavin'

Someone's not quite sad - only disbelievin'
Someone's walkin' out the door

Someone's walkin' out the door


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