Sunday, 16 August 2015

Locusts - Update

Pics courtesy Weekend Australian

Regular readers will recall this post on 27th June.

The Weekend Australian cottoned on to the same issue I posted about back then, and did a feature story yesterday. It's tucked behind Rupert's firewall, but if you click on the link above, you can read the text.

They obviously spoke to the same people I did.

It's good to know they look to this humble blog for story tips.


Bob's a fool said...

Self praise is no recommendation Bob, let's be honest and recognise these articles for what they are, a formulaic beat up that occurs every times there is a mining downturn and those that bleat loudest are those that gained the most in the short term.

1735099 said...

a formulaic beat up that occurs every times (sic) there is a mining downturn
So Bob, you seriously believe that the extraction industries benefit communities like Miles?
Suggest you take a trip out there and talk to the locals.
Don't forget to tell them that they're greedy and malicious. It will go down a treat.........

Bob's a fool said...

Nice name play Bob, and there was me thinking you were a dim witted humourless gift.....well done and an elephant stamp for you. As the rest of your you don't attribute comments to me that I didn't make, saying someone is bleating doesn't
equate to saying they are greedy or malicious, you probably qualify for the latter and I'm happy to tell you that.

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