Saturday, 15 August 2015

Leyburn Sprints

The start line. There is no separation between spectators and vehicles in the marshalling areas.

It's the third weekend in August - Leyburn Sprints time.

I spent an hour or two there today, and as on previous visits, was amazed at the quality and variety of the cars competing and on display.

Leyburn has a great bush atmosphere, and when the weather's good - as it was today - is a lot of fun.

I'll post a few of the most unusual machines I came across.

From the sublime -
1963 Watson replica Indy roadster -  4 bolt 302 Chev small block Crower crank Dart alloy heads Schaffer aluminium flywheel 51/2" triple plate clutch 3 speed Chev gearbox

To the ridiculous -

1969 Fiat 500

And a blast from the past - (I used to watch this thing go around at Lakeside about fifty years ago).

1962 Centaur Waggott GT - powered by Holden grey motor with dual cam conversion.

There were also some rare and beautiful classics -

1954 Bristol 405

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