Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


If you've been following this blog for a while, you'll remember this.

Apparently I'm not the only one.

Here's a riddle for you - What's the difference between a plaintiff lawyer and a multinational corporation?

Answer - Only one - plaintiff lawyers tend to work solo or in pairs - corporations hunt in organised packs, often involving hundreds of people called "staff".

Here's another one - What do they have in common?

Answer - They're both driven by the almighty dollar.

It's relevant to look at this again.

They deserve each other. The results will be entertaining.


cav said...

There is no customer service any more - all they have to do is sell product. That's it. Customer not happy, stiff.

Before coming away I needed a prepaid voucher to use the internet via a USB thingy.

I am with Telstra.

I went to Telstra Wollongong maul and waited at the counter for more than 5 minutes. There were three people behind the counter. One was serving a customer who kept asking a million question about his phone. A guy was looking at a computer screen, I dunno what his highest score was. The third lady was just standing there.

Finally I said, "Is anyone serving today?"

She mumbled something. I looked around there there were about another 3 or 4 customers waiting.

After a couple of more minutes I walked out.

Now I understand if people are busy. If someones recognises you are waiting by saying something like "I'll be with you in a moment", then I'll happily wait my turn. But when they ignore, well customers obviously aren't important, so i'll go elsewhere.

I went to JB HiFi, just across the maul. I lined up at the counter queue. A coupla minutes later I wuz at the counter. I asked for a recharge voucher and the lady told me to go over the other side of the shop where they have phone thingies and see the people there.

There were two staff there. One guy on the phone, and another young lady writing on her clipboard. I excused my self and asked about the recharge voucher.

"You get them at the cashier counter", was her response.

I told her that I already lined up there once and they told me to come and see you.

"Well I don't know why they would do that, but that's where you get them".

I left the store, went to the local Post Office and got one within seconds.

Well done Australia Post.

I think we are on the cusp of consumer backlash. Everyone I talk to has had enough of the banks, their raising rates above Reserve Bank, paying their CEO squllions while customer service gets worse; and fees lopped onto anything that moves.

I don't go back to a store if their customer service is lousy, even if that means I have to travel a little further.

That is the only power I have as a consumer.

Sorry to take over your post 1735099

1735099 said...

Two of my kids work in casual retail whilst at Uni. They think it's funny that the large corporations running the stores think that telling employees to say "have a nice day" constitutes good customer relations.

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