Saturday, 27 October 2007


Dear fellow blogger,

Blogging is great fun and it can also be educational. I’ve learnt something about it this week.

Occasionally I post a comment designed to stimulate discussion on blogs that hold no appeal except for their capacity for the authors to over react. Generally, this generates insults and abuse, and in the case of the more extreme, threats.

There's a very Australian term for this.

This week I posted to a blog called “A Western Heart”, and had the temerity to disagree with some of the extreme ideas canvassed. After the usual reaction, consisting of ridicule, aspersions being cast on my sexuality, and threats of violence, one of the group posting asked what my blog title meant. When I explained that it was my army number, I was challenged to say what my service had been. I hastened to oblige, but found that my comments were no longer being posted.

The lesson, I guess, is that for these bloggers, any opinion is OK so long as it agrees with theirs.

Can I suggest you post to AWH, express a few contrary opinions and see how you fare? You’ll find that as soon as your views start to resonate, you’ll be turfed out.

It’s difficult to tell what these people stand for by reading their blogs. Whatever it is – it’s obviously not freedom of speech.

If you want to have some fun, post to -

and make sure you say something rational. You won’t last long.


thr said...

Just about every dissenting comment is banned, and these bloggers on comment on equally extreme sites, so their values are never challenged.

As for me - my comments have long since been banned, and I don't bother trying any more. However, they still invent comments under my name and put homoerotic stuff there. It shows they're pretty desperate to smear an opponent, and pretty hung up on gay issues.

1735099 said...

I'm able to post again - so am doing so. I'm curious to see how long I'll last this time.
"Hung up"is an understatement. A forensic psychologist would have a field day.

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