Monday, 22 October 2007

A Rum Tale

Am I the only one who sees some irony in the following?

One of the major sponsors of the Australian Rugby League, Bundaberg Rum, has made a complaint against the Chairman, Peter McGrath. They claim he was drunk when he joined a group of sponsors' representatives on the eve of the Wallabies' quarter-final loss to England. McGrath has denied the charge, but has stood aside voluntarily until an investigation is completed.

Isn’t it passing strange that a liquor company has made a complaint against an official for drunkenness?

Weird stuff!


Anonymous said...

What is ironic about that? Ever heard of drinking responsibly? The guy sounded drunker than Kevin Rudd in a strip club.

1735099 said...

OK, looks like I'll have to spell it out......
If he was drunk, it was as a result of imbibing too much of the product sold by the people complaining.
The truth is that the Bundaberg Rum people (along with a few other sponsors) had just lost a motza because the Wallabies were out at quarter final level, and they were out for someone - anyone's blood.

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