Thursday, 1 November 2007

Far Out

My work this week takes me as far West as Quilpie. If you continue from here you encounter Windorah, Betoota and Birdsville. After that, you run out of “civilisation” and Queensland more or less simultaneously.

I’ve been to Windorah and Birdsville before (Windorah by light aircraft and Birdsville overland), but this is my first visit to Quilpie.

There was a dust storm when I arrived, which soon became mud and then rain. The locals were very pleased to see this – I think about 10mls was the result. I told them I always bring rain, so they are demanding regular visits.

It’s a pleasant outpost, even if daytime temperatures are in the high 30s/low 40s. It reminds me of Mount Isa in that most of what is required is available – it just takes so long to get here.

By night the sky is gloriously clear after the rain – it was worth the trip just to look at the starscape. Tomorrow I head back East to election campaigns etc. It’s saner out here.

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