Sunday, 14 October 2007

Gone to the Dogs

I’ve always had a weakness for Australian Cattle Dogs, having owned three as my kids were growing up and we lived in the bush. The last one died a year ago, and I haven’t considered acquiring another whilst we live in a suburban block, and the kids have either left home or have more riveting interests than dogs.

My youngest daughter has a Poodle cross which doesn’t need as much exercise as a Heeler, and in any case is as thick as two short planks. She has no brains at all. (The dog – not my daughter).

Having said that, I’m enjoying a Heeler fix, looking after my sister’s bluey whilst she and her husband tour the shaky isles.

Bella is very smart, and has already established top dog status – chastising Janet (that’s what my daughter called her – she was only nine at the time) when the smaller dog barks or in some other way misbehaves.

She also understands what cars are for, and as soon as a car door is opened, leaps like a startled gazelle into the front passenger’s seat. She takes some moving – although if you drive the car about a metre and then open the door she leaps out.

She’s pictured here in my classic Peugeot 505.

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