Saturday, 13 October 2007

Methinks they doth protest too much….

It’s passing strange to me, dear fellow blogger, that the Australian has published a daily report on the so-called Heiner affair for about a week now.

The strange part is that their editorial line clearly maintains that the whole thing is a beat-up, designed to discredit Kevin Rudd, and driven substantially by the obsessions of Kevin Lindeberg, a former union official.

Notables such as Alan Jones, Barnaby Joyce, Piers Akerman and Bronwyn Bishop have risen to the fray, and many column inches have been devoted to the well-worn narrative about evidence being shredded (it’s still on file), to keep the issue bubbling along.

Writing a non-story on a daily basis is very strange journalism.

I know I’m naïve and gullible, but I do detect a rat-like odour.

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