Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Telstra Blues

After yesterday, I understand how much I rely on my mobile, and what a pain it is when it lets me down.

I’m working through Goondiwindi, St George, Surat, Roma & Meandarra this week. I’m also in the middle of buying some property in Brisbane. The network fell down yesterday morning and I was in deep do-do. My phone became a useless lump of metal and plastic. Standing on the boot of the car to call made no difference – this has worked before.

I got around it by using phone boxes – also discovering that they are now an endangered species, before I called into a Telstra agent in Goondiwindi who was very helpful. As soon as I walked in with mobile in hand, she knew the problem – I wasn’t the first for the day.

She changed my phone settings from 3G to 2G – I have no idea of the technicalities of this – and it (sort of) works again. She wasn’t sure when it would be fixed, and explained that the problem was widespread.

This could be an interesting trip.

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