Sunday, 2 September 2007


I note the lack of diversity in the backgrounds of aspiring ALP ministers. This is becoming a feature of political life in this country. The backgrounds of the coalition people are generally legal or business. It’s only in the minor parties that you’ll see any real diversity.
How many agnostics, gays, aborigines, Muslims, or people with disabilities, are putting themselves out there for election?
Unfortunately, as a result of presidential style politics, we are encouraged by the media to vote for stereotypes. My personal rule of thumb is to meet the candidates in my electorate before making a decision as to who gets my vote.
Our democratic system originally paid no heed to parties - but it’s been overwhelmed by a mentality that funnels the voter towards an adversarial view of the process. The media whips this up, and we’re off down a road where sweet reason and constructive collaboration is out the window. It’s a helluva way to run a country.
The antiquated political concepts of “left” and “right” are about as relevant in 2007 as stationary steam engines.


Anonymous said...

At last someone who agrees with me. We need some diversity in our political leaders. The ALP does seem to be becoming a shadow of the liberals. Enjoyed reading your blog.

Anonymous said...

At last someone who agrees that the ALP lacks courage in their outlook....John Howard has become a populus leader. Kevin Rudd needs to show some backbone and come up with some more original policies.

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