Saturday, 8 September 2007

APEC leaders sign climate change pact - So?

We have a "climate change pact" signed. What does it mean?
"The declaration says concerted international action is needed"
Translation - We have the best of intentions.
members support flexible arrangements to ensure their energy needs
whilst contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions".
Translation - Do what you like - it's OK so long as you have the best of intentions.
"The Sydney Declaration does not set an overall target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions"
Translation - It's basically a lot of hot air - nobody is obliged to do anything except look pious.
"It also aims to increase forest cover in APEC countries by at least 20 million hectares within 13 years"
Translation - We have the intention of planting lots of trees.
"Mr Howard says the APEC declaration will add to the momentum of future international meetings focused on climate change"
Translation - We didn't really achieve much this time - but who knows what might happen if there is a next time.
A lot of middle-aged men basically couldn't get their heads around the
need to ensure a reasonable quality of life for their grandchildren -
sad really.


Anonymous said...

that's terrific.

Anonymous said...

I suspect Howard wanted something he could wave around as a personal achievement from what was, by and large, a none event. Perhaps to appeal to conservative greens?

1735099 said...


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