Monday, 3 September 2007


Driving down to the big smoke today for a professional conference on physical impairment in education. It will be great to meet up with "old" colleagues. I'll be off the air for a while and don't relesh the drive through peak hour traffic. It will be a bit of a contrast to last week's 1500k of driving in the bush. At least there won't be a fence across the Brisbane CBD!


Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading your comments on your travel last week. What a change of scenery for this week! Oh well, maybe you can focus on the conference itself to learn something you may not yet know!! It will take your mind of the hustle and bustle of city life.

Anonymous said...

I am assuming that you are well aware that using your service number identifies you by name?

You may not care, but some people are unaware that these numbers are easily tracked and identified.


1735099 said...

I'm aware of that - doesn't bother me. It's also possible to pick up other info from the number, i.e. that I was a Nasho and that my state of origin was Queensland.

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