Friday, 2 October 2015


The venue was the Adelaide Town Hall

This week I was in Little Baghdad on the Torrens* for my number two son's graduation from Flinders.

The experience reminded me of how much the world has changed since I was at uni back in the seventies.

In the first place, the ceremony wasn't seen (by me at least) as a big deal back then. In fact, I did not attend any of the three graduating ceremonies I could have, between 1976 and 1981 when I was studying.

In hindsight. that's something I regret.

I have only one other regret - not attending the "Welcome Home" march in 1987.

But I digress....

If nothing else, the ceremony acknowledges the hard graft and endurance that goes into any degree. It also provides an opportunity for friends and family to share the celebration.

It's tougher for graduates these days. In my day, there was a disconnect between the degree and getting a job. I already had one when I graduated for the first time.

These days, a degree is no guarantee of employment.

There's also a whole industry that has grown up around the process. There's academic robe hire, framing and photography, and paying to have your happy snap posted on-line - I kid you not.

Everybody's on the take.

Without wanting to sound cynical, that's probably the biggest change. Back in the seventies there weren't so many hustlers. That is something we have inherited from the Yanks, and something we could do without. Everybody wants to clip your ticket, and charges you for the process.

I believe it's called "The Market".

What hasn't changed is the hard work and commitment necessary to get there.

Congratulations mate.

* Adelaide


Anonymous said...

So Bob for clarity one would expect you graduated from a college not a university.....form memory perhaps Kedron or Griffith Teachers College, best not pad out your qualifications comrade.

1735099 said...

I was a qualified teacher when I was called up.
Go back and read the post - especially where I wrote I already had one when I graduated for the first time.
That "one" refers to the fact that I was a practicing teacher with a Cert. T. from Kedron Park Teachers' College during the ten years (1972 - 1982) it took me to accumulate a B. Ed. St., a B.A. and a Grad. Dip. Spec. Ed. (a post-graduate specialization in the teaching of students with disabilities).
The first two were at U of Q and the last one at what is now Griffith Uni (then called MGCAE). Only one year (1972 on a post Vietnam rehab fellowship) was full time - all the rest were part time. It was a hard slog; teaching all day and attending lectures and tutorials three evenings weekly.
There was no such place as "Griffith Teachers' College". There was a Mt Gravatt College of Advanced Education until it was amalgamated with Griffith Uni in 1989.
So "for clarity", I don't need to "pad" anything........

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