Saturday, 18 July 2015

What a Man

There's been far too much dour political commentary on this humble blog of late, gentle reader.

It's time to lighten the atmosphere.

Nobody is better qualified to do this than Jessica Mauboy and friends.

The clip captures the atmosphere of a Saigon soul bar in 1970 pretty accurately.


Bob's a fool said...

Its about time you stopped being a union stooge and posted something useful, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

How would you know what a Saigon bar looked like in the seventies?

1735099 said...

Given that I was lucky enough to do a week long Saigon guard in August 1970, where we were on duty 24 hours on/24 hours off, and I spent a fair bit of the off duty time frequenting soul bars, I have a pretty fair idea.
I also got to see how the Saigon warriors (receiving Saigon allowance, and sleeping in real beds and eating real food - not rations) got to live.

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