Sunday, 12 April 2015

Peak Stupid

On my recent overland trip to Adelaide (from Toowoomba) gentle reader, my dashcam picked up a sequence of total lunacy.

I wasn't sure what to do with it. Perhaps the responsible action would have been to email it to the SA police. But then, I doubt they would have followed up. Nobody was actually harmed as far as I can tell.

I'd prefer to put it out there (on this blog - and on You Tube), and see what happens.

After all, the cretins involved managed to get away with arrant stupidity on this occasion without actually killing anyone.

Anyway, this piece of video was captured on the Princes Highway, on a wet and busy Easter Monday, on the last 5 kms of my nearly 2000 km journey.

The upside is that that this was the only ratbaggery witnessed on the whole journey. That's good.

By way of explanation ......the drivers of the small dark car and the light colored Toyota Camry were passing an object back and forward as they raced down the freeway at speeds of 100 km/hr plus.

The object was, I think, a dildo. The actual transfer occurs at about the 20sec point.

They may have been under the influence of some substance. Nobody in complete possession of their faculties would drive like this.  

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Anonymous said...

It is deemed legal in South Australia to pass the baton/dildo between fast moving vehicles....under the proviso that a resident of Toowoomba is making a fair call on the safety or otherwise of the manoeuvre.

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