Thursday, 16 April 2015

Comedy Gold

Tricky! The halal certification is obviously in invisible ink.

Look closely at the pic.

Can you see a halal certification logo?

Nor can I, but then I'm aged and half blind. Younger members of my immediate family couldn't find one either, on either of the labels on this excellent bottle of Jacob's Creek Shiraz I enjoyed the other day.

Yet that paragon of truth and virtue, the Halal Choices Facebook page, was active not so long ago encouraging wine drinkers to boycott Jacob's Creek wines because someone, somewhere, alleged they were halal certified.

Now, given that devout Muslims don't drink alcohol, and that there is no logo apparent on the label, that allegation seems, to put it politely, bizarre.

That same Facebook page had, however a fair head of steam up with declarations, calumny and xenophobic rants continuing unabated.

Bottom line is, when bigotry, ignorance and hate are the driving forces, reality and common sense don't stand a chance.

It does, however, have a funny side.



Anonymous said...

Did you enquire of Jacobs Creek Wines or just check the labelling?

1735099 said...

Given that I'm Catholic, not Muslim, why would I? I'm more interested in the quality of the wine than whatever certification exists. But again, in case you missed the point that Islam forbids consumption of alcohol, I'd have to be stupid (as stupid as the halal choices people) to believe it was halal.

Anonymous said...

Yes the business has issued some sort of explanation indicating that as alcohol cannot be halal they do not indicate halal certification. They do not however say that they do not pay for the certification/extortion. It has been reported that some businesses paid for and received certification but as a result of the anti-halal feed back do not use the stamp/logo on their products.

1735099 said...

certification/extortion So certification is extortion? Why is organic, GFSI and kosher certification OK, and halal not?

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