Friday, 20 July 2012

Waltzing to Perfidy

This chart, from the Costello audit report, shows how the projections for Queensland's operating balance and fiscal balance are different.

This article in the Brisbane Times explains clearly the current strategy being used by the Newman government to cow Queensland voters into submission.
It is a simple three-step process.
Step 1 – Use an ideological position to justify reducing the public sector to almost nothing. This has the double effect of minimising taxes paid by the wealthiest section of the community (those who favour conservative parties) and promoting opportunities for those aligned with the LNP to profit from the carpet bagging of public activity and assets.
Step 2 – Use a different measure of the deficit (fiscal balance instead of operational balance) to slant the numbers. Employ a lapdog (Peter Costello) to write the report.
Step 3 – Blame the previous administration for the grief this causes.

As observed elsewhere it's ideological, not financial. This lot don't believe the government should provide any service that the private sector can make a profit from. Greed is the creed, and the devil take the hindmost.

Unfortunately, the hindmost are always the marginalised and vulnerable, such as people with disabilities and people in remote and rural communities.

 We're waltzing backwards at a rate of knots.

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