Friday, 20 July 2012

Is it "Pyne" or "Pain"?

Christopher Pyne failing to look intelligent

This piece in the Drum is timely, especially in Queensland.

Public education in this state is reeling from staff cuts in support personnel and restrictions on travel.

I’ve posted off a map of Queensland to the new Minister – John-Paul Langbroek. He obviously lacks a basic knowledge of our geography. Rumour has it that he was flabbergasted when told he was responsible for schools closer to the SA border than George St. 

The thought that staff have to travel to provide vital support to remote and rural schools has floored him. He'd never thought of that. 

It may have something to do with being the member for Surfer’s Paradise. He’s obviously forgotten his father’s experience in bush schools.

This extract from the piece is on the money, referring to Pyne’s comparisons with Finland –

They don't have the same level of disadvantage in their outlying suburbs as we do. They don't have country schools that are isolated and disadvantaged by geography and neglect. They don't have an Indigenous population which has been denied the particular support a dispossessed people might need. 

It’s interesting that he chose Finland. They’re socialists, aren’t they?

This attack on bush schools is not unexpected coming from a government whose soul is centered in the South East corner. I would not be at all surprised if there was a move to relocate the state capital to the Gold Coast.

Whiteshoes and spivs are in their natural habitat in Little Baghdad on the Nerang.

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