Sunday, 22 July 2012

Big Sky Country

 For a long time now, I've been trying to capture the spirit of the country I routinely travel using imagery.

I've been entirely unsuccessful because the camera I use lacks any wide angle capacity, and I have no intention of buying one that does.

Another way of looking at the vastness of this area is to pan with a movie camera, so I used the humble iPhone to do this a few trips ago.

This was the result, spoilt somewhat by the edge of my finger across the lens in the first few seconds.

It was shot between Mitchell and Augathella on the Matilda Highway. It's beautiful country - it even smells good - you can't get that from the video.

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cav said...

I've done a similar thing on the Hay plain - I took a series of photos and stuck them together.

I often do it using Photoshop now by putting together a panoramic scene.

The problem is you are trying to capture a scene that is 3D and putting it on a 2D medium.

It doesn't quite work.

If you had a 3D camera and the viewer could see your video in 3D it may be worth a look.

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