Saturday, 26 May 2012

We won't go Gently

Fearsome Baby Boomers
“This decade's retirees will be the first generation to be university-educated, opinionated, articulate and with time on their hands. What better "sport" to while away the slow hours of retirement by a generation used to being in the spotlight than objecting to property development projects?”


“They will demand services on a scale that has not been provided previously. And they will demand attention: protesting and agitating and generally making a nuisance of themselves.”

These quotes from my favourite demographer, Bernard Salt, caught my eye.

I reckon he’s on the money.

The gist of his article is that there’s never been a generation like the Boomers in the past, and there most likely never will be in the future.

We are demanding, assertive, and have changed the world (for the better, obviously).

He points out that we’ll be missed when the last of us leaves the workforce.

My guess is that the nation will go backwards. They really won’t be able to do without us.

(To get around Rupert’s firewall, just Google “The inexorable rise of the opinionated boomer retiree by: Bernard Salt)

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