Saturday, 12 May 2012

Fact Checking Tony

This article provides an interesting insight into Tony Abbott's chronic carelessness with the truth.

You won't see an analysis like this in the MSM.

I wonder why?


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that you are such an apologist for this government. I love your blog and jelly beans work though.
Cheers Paul

1735099 said...

Thanks for your comment.
The only thing I am an apologist for is the truth. All sides of politics mess with it.
At the moment, the MSM is letting Abbott get away with it. Check the figures quoted in the article.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding, I did read the content of the link in your post and browsed over all of the authors other posts however upon googling the authors background I find it difficult to accept that his is a balanced view given his past employment in the office of the current PM and the fact that he offers 0 by way of anything positive relating to the opposition party.

Anyway I like your posts and say thanks for putting them up for others to enjoy.



P.S. I see that you swap comments with Cav often, I don't know him but he is apparently very handsome!

1735099 said...

The background of the author has nothing to do with the accuracy of the content of the article. Everything written can be verified. That's what a "fact check" is.
It's about fact, not opinion.

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