Sunday, 6 May 2012

2012 David Hack Meet

Three generations of Mazda. From left - 1800SS replica, RX2 Rotary and my MX5 with books for sale. I sold a few.
This year's David Hack meet was held at a new venue (the Glenvale Club) rather than at Toowoomba Airport as it has been in previous years.

I'm not sure why, but you can bet your boots that it has something to do with insuring an event that uniquely (until this year) had fixed and rotary wing aircraft and hundreds of motor vehicles moving around and being managed safely in a relatively congested area.

This separation of aircraft and motor vehicles has taken away the unique atmosphere of the event.

 You had the option of paying $15 one way on this chopper, or taking a free bus to the airport if you wanted to view the aircraft. Many did.
The usual variety of vehicles was present, including this immaculate EH. I learned to drive in an EJ, which was probably just as well. The EH had a lot more mumbo, and I may not have survived.
I didn't encounter the Saint, but his car was there.
My dad-in-law bought one of these from the newsagent at Herberton, restored it, and drove it all over Queensland until his eyesight deteriorated.

This one's for Cav. Excuse the camera shake.
The usual gaggle of MGBs was there. They leak and drive like trucks, but otherwise they're OK.

My brother has one of these. The diesel (this one) is a real sleeper.

An exquisite 3.8 Jag.
The smell of leather and wood......
Buick - block of flats on wheels.
Two and a half litre Riley. It's probably a sacrilege, but I prefer the Pathfinder.
 A Stang.
I was looking for a VW Beetle to show my son what my first car looked like. There wasn't one to be found. The closest was this Kombi, complete with innovative folding windscreen air conditioning.
 A relatively unmolested Model T.
I bought one of these (a 161) from my dad when I got back from Vietnam. Apart from the fact that it had oval brake drums, it was an OK car.
These 404s are built like brick dunnies. I've owned two over the years. This example has been rallied and bashed all over the country.
I've always had a weakness for Porsches.
Lots of leather.
A beautiful 356.
A not entirely successful interior shot.
A Carrera S.
A nut and bolt restoration of a Volvo 122S. Beautifully done, but somehow I prefer a car that still has a patina of age.

There was a beautiful old Caddy.

And a Fiat* or two. (*Fix It Again Tony....)
This one had grown eyelashes.

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