Tuesday, 13 December 2011

A Certain Symmetry

My big cleanup is revealing a lot of interesting forgotten stuff.

These two photos for instance – ignore the quality.

The top one was taken in Port Moresby at a RAAF base in 1944. My dad is front row, second from left.

The lower shot was taken during rookies at Singleton in 1969. I’m the only one without a hat – always hated wearing hats.

There’s a certain symmetry about this.

The separation was 25 years. My sons have missed out. There is no photo for 1994 (which would have been 25 years on).

I’m not at all disappointed about that.


cav said...

Ya dad was better lookin'.

Lemme guess, your nickname was 'big ears!'

1735099 said...

There's a positive correlation between ear size and intelligence.

cav said...

Is that so?

That means I'm more intelligent than you!

1735099 said...

Dunno - you'll have to measure them and send me the data offline so I can apply the ADA*
*aural dimensional algorithm

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