Friday, 11 November 2011

Cunnamulla’s a bit different

The Cunnamulla Fella - enhanced by Luminance

I love this place – or to put it less ambiguously, I love visiting this place.

I’m not sure I could live there. Weeks on end of 40+ might be a little hard to take.

Last Tuesday I went for a walk before having breakfast at the excellent Boulders Café, and took a few shots with my iPhone.

I scarcely bother using any other camera these days. There is an iPhone App called Luminance, so I had a play with that.


There had been a storm through last evening.

Another Luminance effect

Commodes are hot in Cunnamulla

The light is intense.

This memorial has an interesting (and somewhat bizarre) history. Back at the beginning of WW2, the original memorial was adorned with three WW1 cannons. With the onset of the War in the Pacific and the government's plans to institute a Brisbane Line, the citizens of Cunnamulla removed the cannons and buried them in the sandhills that surround the town so that they wouldn't fall into enemy hands in the event of an invasion.

Unfortunately, the location of the burial site was lost in the euphoria of the Victory in the Pacific. Some say those who buried the cannon did so after a long session at the RSL.

The original cannon were then replaced with what you see here - it could only happen in Cunnamulla.

I drove the 200km across to Charleville in mid afternoon. It was bloody hot - 40 degrees at Wyandra.
It ain't half hot mum.


cav said...

The Brisbane Line?

When visiting Brisbane for my platoon reunion many years ago, my mate's brother (also a Vietnam Veteran)showed us around the joint in town that Macarthur occupied during the war.

He was the head honcho there.

I asked him about the 'Brisbane Line'.

He looked at my as if I had farted in his precious, pristine war room.

He then scoffed at the notion of the 'Brisbane Line'.

I may get to Cunnamulla one day, the heat won't worry me as the van is air conditioned. They have electricity at Cunnamulla don't they?

1735099 said...

Your mate's brother was right - there never was a Brisbane Line. Best historical account is -
There was a controversy, but it was a political beat-up by Eddie Ward to have a go at Bob Menzies. It worked. Best time to visit Cunnamulla is Spring or Autumn. Only downside is that it's full of old farts from down south towing caravans.

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