Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Monday, 3 January 2011

Blogging the Cricket

This is probably a complete waste of time, but it's a good method of learning to blog with the iPad.

I've taught myself how to do this using iCab as the browser, as theoretically it facilitates posting pictures, but image size is a problem. I haven't yet found an image that is small enough.

Phil Hughes has just gone for 31 and it's lunch.

He didn't need to spar at that ball. What a waste of an opportunity. It's a better start than Melbourne, but they could have gone to lunch without loss with a little more discipline.

It's 1 for 55.

Update -

They're back after lunch, and Khawaja has made a brisk start. First ball hit for 2, and his second a sweet boundary.

Watson's looking more positive. Perhaps he's taking a lead from the debutante.

1 for 79.

Update -

Even if Khawaja doesn't last long, his technique looks great. The only downside is spelling his name. He's edged one, but his "soft hands" saved his bacon according to the channel 9 commentary.

Jimmy Anderson has been officially warned for running on the pitch.

1 for 84.

It's getting dark, and apparently there's rain on the way.

Just looked at the Sydney weather radar - storms coming. Pity really, this is shaping up as a great contest.

The umpires are looking worried.

The ground lights are now on.

Now they're leaving the field - the players that is. The umpires are staying. It's murky.

1 for 92. Khawaja is 22.

Update - 

They're back on. Begs the question as to why they left the field in the first place. Perhaps they were waiting for the lights to warm up.

Watson's gone. Obviously his concentration is shot after the interruption to play. Clark gets a good reception from the crowd. 

Rain in ten minutes by the look of the radar - 2 for 108. 

Update - 

It's raining. They're off. 2 for 111.

Update - They're on the field again. Clark's looking confident.

Spoke too soon - Clark's caught cutting - ball went straight to Anderson.

3 for 114. Hussey's on, took the field very quickly. Good sign?
Beautiful boundary to Khawaja - stylish. He looks good even when he leaves the ball.

Khawaja hits Bresnan for a lofted boundary - almost 6.

3 for 123.

Loud appeal for caught behind for Hussey. He was nowhere near it - brushed his shirt. No review.

Swann's on. Spinners are always great to watch. The left-hander will be challenged by the offy. Khawaja's using his feet.

Khawaja's out sweeping. Not a bad first test innings.

4 for 134.

Here comes the rain again. 

Stumps. I won't be doing this again.....

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