Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Unapologetic insolence from an aging subversive

Monday, 25 May 2009

Heat and Kitchen

Bolta's blog has been great fun lately.

The behaviour of most of the regular posters is entirely predictable. Generally if you disagree with Bolta you cop abuse, are accused of a range of unspeakable acts, but debating points made are rarely challenged. Because this follows a pattern, it becomes boring.

If you take the time, however to identify Bolta's spin, and actually have the temerity to point it out, his moderators get very twitchy. The best example most recently of this phenomenon happened on Sunday 24th May when he had (another) go at Quentin Bryce for lavish spending.

Trouble was, when you read the link to the original story, it became clear that the spending took place in Jeffries' (previous GGs) term. Bolta obviously hadn't read beyond the first few lines of the story he quoted.

I pointed this out, and the original post was altered slightly shortly afterwards by putting a strike-through over Bryce's name, and including Jeffries' name in that part of the story (at the end of it).

The by-line
Grand Dame too Grand Even for Rudd
wasn't altered, nor was the rest of the story, despite the fact that the proverbial rug had been pulled from under the entire rationale of the post.

I drew attention to that in a further post and used the word "spin" in my reply.
I got away with that, but an innocuous comment about spin on Bolta's Monday May 25th comment about the proposed extension of the retirement age was snipped on the grounds that it was off-topic and abusive, and could I (please) be "less bitter". My highlighting of his oversight had been noted.

The only conclusion possible is that Bolta is extremely sensitive to being shown up as careless and slipshod - although he often is.

Surely a polemicist of his ilk should be able to stand the kitchen heat.

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