Saturday, 15 September 2007


Reporting about the 13 year old who has been selected as the face of a fashion festival on the Gold Coast has to a large extent missed the point. Kids of this age are exploited every day of the week by corporate Australia, and this is simply an example of this process writ large. Consequently, the media has jumped on it.

Look at how clothes, fast food, television and electronics are sold to sub-teens, and it’s obvious that the corporations see this age group as nice little earners.

Young people are well and truly exploited by corporations in the fast food industry. School kids get weekend shifts because they’re cheaper, and it’s difficult to get a shift with these employers if you’re over 18 during school holidays.

The message the youngsters take from this is that they are simply dollar fodder – it’s no wonder many of them have a cynical view of the world.

The creed they are being taught is – “Before the mighty dollar, every knee shall bend” – and Workchoices reinforces the dogma.

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